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July 2016
Showreel 2016
July 2016
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BIO: We set out to put tyre prints where no one would dream of riding a bike’


Type of Video: BMX Video Part


Brief: Pro Red Bull BMX rider Sebastian Keep set out to to turn every day buildings and architecture into something unimaginable, pushing the boundaries of what had been done on a BMX, Bas and a small crew wore high vis jackets and imitated road workers, builders and the like to ride these extraordinary set ups in plain sight…. The video was quick to receive over a million views in less than a week


Position: Camera & Editor


Filming duration: 24 Months


Turnaround time: 2 Weeks.

Loch Down - Deep Sea Diving Meets BMX

BIO: Jason Phelan takes his dream idea to life; What originally started as a Kickstarter programme soon became the talk of the town in Dunoon, Scotland. Jason combines deep sea diving and BMX riding on the Holy Loch. The video quickly clocked up over a million views.


Type of Video: BMX Video Part


Position: DOP


Filming duration: 1 Month


Turnaround time: 2 Weeks.

Brighton Ain’t Ready 2

BIO: Featuring the Kink, Primo, Cult, Fiend, Lotek, Mutiny & Subrosa teams destroying the streets of Brighton. 43 riders, 3 months and 1 city getting absolutely demolished by some of the best riders in the world.


Type of Video: DVD


Brief: Document all the action from 80 days of the worlds very best riders travelling to Brighton in search of new spots to ride. The 45 minute DVD shows all the best riding in a huge variety of tricks as every rider must perform something never filmed before in a very limited timeframe. The DVD was the sequel to the 2008 film, some of which was shot by the riders themselves, Seventies felt it was important that this feel was continued so the video’s direction was not overproduced yet euphoric and exciting. Brighton Ain’t Ready was sold with a limited edition picture book and has accumulated 800k views on YouTube.


Position: Director Of Photography, Editor, Colorist & Sound


Filming duration: 80 days.


Turnaround time: 30 days.

Isaac - Build It

BIO: Isaac Lesser has been riding ROM Skatepark for almost 15 years. Being the oldest skatepark in the UK, the classic, concrete haven boasts endless lines and haunting transitions. However Isaac decided it was time to think outside the box, and with the addition of a few wooden extras, was able to open up gaps, lines and transfers that nobody would’ve thought possible.


Type of Video: BMX Video Part.


Brief: To find new gaps, lines and tricks in the UK’s oldest skatepark with only a small budget for building new obstacles.


Position: Director, Director Of Photography, Editor, Colorist & Sound.


Filming duration: 6 months (including injury recovery).


Post Production duration: 1 week.